The Challenge

Machines talking to other machines, delivering the information our customers need for tracking shipments, improving crop yields, monitoring energy production and transport, tracking military assets, and monitoring the environment. It’s all part of the data analytics revolution.

But what about those smart devices that are out of range of Wi-Fi or in spotty cellular zones? Offshore energy platforms in Africa? Precision farming operations in South America? Construction equipment in southeast Asia? How will they be connected? That’s where we come in.

Blink will reach those remote M2M devices with our secure and affordable global coverage network. Big data just got bigger.

Our Markets

Our Solution

Blink Astro is building a first generation data network of small satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 700 km, listening for low power signals from our customers’ IoT devices. Heard of eyes in space? We’re ears in space. If your device’s antenna can see the sky, you’ll be able to upload your sensor’s data to one of our satellites every four to six hours. Future BlinkSat constellations will offer 24/7 coverage day or night, rain or shine.


Our Technologies

Our innovative flight-proven technologies set us apart from the competition. It starts with our low power, highly affordable ground transmitters and data loggers. Blink’s proprietary and encrypted data link delivers a high performance upload capability. Our BlinkSats fuse the CubeSat standard with modular construction techniques to create a cost-effective space segment. Unique and secure cloud software will deliver data to our customers exactly where they need it, worldwide. Blink’s commitment to quality and excellent customer service ties it all together.

Our Partners and Collaborators

Blink’s growing team of partners and collaborators includes these leading organizations:

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