Blink Astro Welcomes Spring 2017 Interns

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Atlanta, GA: January 9, 2017.

Blink Astro (“Blink”) welcomes Mr. Anirudh Tadanki and Mr. Matt Lewine to its technical staff as spring interns. Mr. Tadanki is a recent graduate of the School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech where he specialized in small spacecraft design and prototyping. He will support the design and development of Blink’s first spacecraft, BlinkSat-1. BlinkSat-1 is a CubeSat that will operate in Low Earth Orbit.

Mr. Lewine is an undergraduate student in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. He is developing embedded software for Blink’s new line of remote water sensors for precision agricultural applications in Georgia and elsewhere. The soil moisture sensors are connected to Blink’s data loggers and wireless communications devices called BlinkRs ™. Blink’s Mark 5 water sensor and logger device builds on past designs and is currently undergoing field demonstrations in Georgia with Blink’s partners.