Blink to Begin Soil Moisture Device Pilot Testing for Precision Agriculture Applications

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Atlanta, February 27, 2017. Georgia-based Blink Astro, LLC (“Blink”) will soon begin a special pilot program in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina to field test its new line of satellite-enabled terminals/data loggers for precision agriculture applications. Blink Astro® is pleased to partner with HolderAg Consulting of Ashburn, GA in this endeavor. HolderAg and other teammates are assisting in real-world pilot testing in both row crop and vegetable crop installations.

Blink’s line of BlinkR™ ground terminals is a product of two years of technology development and field testing. BlinkR™ devices customized for precision agriculture applications collect and record subsurface water content at various depths to better inform irrigation practices. The current Mark 5 devices are compatible with a range of third-party soil moisture sensors and ambient temperature sensors already in use by many farmers and crop consultants across the United States.

Unlike traditional data loggers that depend on cellular coverage and separate 3G or LTE data subscriptions, Blink’s affordable Mark 5 BlinkR™ devices use direct-to-satellite communications to deliver global coverage with no dead zones even in the most remote installations. Blink Astro® also provides secure cloud-based data delivery to customers’ desktop computers and mobile devices.

Blink™ is working to create an affordable global M2M satellite-based Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution for a variety of markets. The precision agriculture market is a rapidly growing market for in-situ data collection devices and is a critical first market to Blink Astro®. Blink™ is a member of the SpaceWorks Enterprises group of companies.


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