Blink’s Satellite-based Pilot Program Operating Successfully

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Atlanta, March 28, 2017. Blink Astro, LLC (“Blink”) has recently undertaken pilot testing of its new Mark 5 satellite-enabled BlinkR™ units for precision agriculture applications. The pilot program is now entering its second week with key Blink partners in the southeastern US and is expected to continue for several more months. “It is incredibly satisfying to see our BlinkR™ units bringing real-world data to customers in remote regions. Our fully integrated end-to-end network is working as expected as we continue to deploy additional units,” said Kevin Feld, Blink Astro® Chief Engineer.

The current BlinkR™ units collect periodic information on a variety of local weather conditions (e.g temperature, humidity) and subsurface soil volumetric moisture content and then communicate that data directly to an overhead satellite network on a regular basis. Data is collected 24/7, day or night. End users and large-scale customers receive and interact with the data through Blink Astro’s customized and secure cloud-based data delivery system. Unlike traditional data loggers that depend on cellular coverage and separate 3G or LTE data subscriptions, Blink’s affordable BlinkR™ devices deliver global coverage with no dead zones, even in the most remote installations.

Blink™ is working to create an affordable global M2M satellite-based Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution for a variety of markets. The precision agriculture market is a rapidly growing market for in-situ data collection devices and is a critical first market to Blink Astro®. Blink™ is a member of the SpaceWorks Enterprises group of companies.

Mr. Kevin Feld
Chief Engineer
Blink Astro, LLC
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